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Wave Structures, PEMFs, and the Human Heart

“Let’s raise our energy to a higher vibration!” This lecture by iamHeart cofounder Puran Bair will give a whole new meaning to this oft-heard, new-age catch-phrase.

The Three Stages of Love: Separate, Connected, United

Building loving relationships, especially romantic relationships, is a progressive process – and follows a path similar to the three stages of individual human development (Mind to Heart to Spirit).

Money Sex and Power: A Meditation Perspective

How does spirituality and the Heart relate to the topics of Money, Sex, and Power? Most of us separate these three topics from leading a spiritual life, but spirituality does not need to discard these energies.

Susanna Bair – Divine Feminine Meditation

Susanna Bair leads a meditation on the Divine Feminine using the Four Element Breaths in ascending order. In the Earth Element we experience Healing Energy, Creativity with the Water Element, Courage with Fire, and Clarity through the Air Breath. Susanna helps us to connect with our unique feminine purpose and power through this 30 minute practice.

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