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Want to Try Meditation Right Now? Guided Meditations to Help You Start!

Want to Try Meditation Right Now? Guided Meditations to Help You Start!

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The Safety of Heart Rhythm Meditation

We at IAM are committed to the safe and practical application of meditation to everyday life. Consequently, we do not raise the kundalini energy. It is not only dangerous to do so, but it is entirely unnecessary in creating personal growth and spiritual transformation. The alternative, which IAM promotes, is to expand consciousness outward horizontally, encompassing more and more space and beings in one’s magnetic field.


What are the Types of Meditation

Meditation is an ancient method of employing the mind-body connection to achieve specific developmental goals. Over the four thousand years since the beginning of Yoga, the developmental goals have shifted, and so have the methods.


The Harm of Meditation

As a dentist, I’m often in the situation of explaining the risks and benefits of proposed treatment. It’s a responsibility that I take very seriously. …


Staying Centered Amidst Coronavirus

Staying Centered Amidst Coronavirus Notes, by Puran Bair, co-founder of iamHeart.org If you already know about COVID-19 and you want a meditation that will definitely …


Wounds in Relationships

The New Year is fast approaching, and in many traditions, this is a time of reflection, consideration, and rebirth. We consider our relationship with the ones we love most, the ones who have hurt us most, and with the world and universe. What will I make happen this year? Who will I affect?


The Heart’s Wounds

Question: “How do you use meditation to find and resolve the emotional wounds in the heart? Would this keep certain emotional themes from recurring?”


A Walking Meditation for Heart Health

Spiritual seekers throughout history have spent a good deal of time walking, and have developed meditative practices which can be done while walking.  This practice …


Wave Structures, PEMFs, and the Human Heart

“Let’s raise our energy to a higher vibration!” This lecture by iamHeart cofounder Puran Bair will give a whole new meaning to this oft-heard, new-age catch-phrase.

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