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Heart-Energy Transmission

Let your heart be illumined by Love in our New Year’s Retreat.  We will receive a direct, Heart-Energy Transmission from the hearts of iamHeart’s founders, Susanna and Puran Bair.  This leads to the resolution of any conflicts you have internally, between yourself and others, and in the world.  There are times when we feel, “the world is

What is Heart Rhythm Meditation, and why should I learn it?

Hello, my name is Puran Bair.  I’ve been practicing the art and science of meditation for 52 years.  It is rewarding to me to see the appreciation that meditation has gained in that time as its many benefits have been recognized and the practice has moved beyond spiritual schools and into public schools, medical offices

The Safety of Heart Rhythm Meditation

We at IAM are committed to the safe and practical application of meditation to everyday life. Consequently, we do not raise the kundalini energy. It is not only dangerous to do so, but it is entirely unnecessary in creating personal growth and spiritual transformation. The alternative, which IAM promotes, is to expand consciousness outward horizontally, encompassing more and more space and beings in one’s magnetic field.

What are the Types of Meditation

Meditation is an ancient method of employing the mind-body connection to achieve specific developmental goals. Over the four thousand years since the beginning of Yoga, the developmental goals have shifted, and so have the methods.

Staying Centered Amidst Coronavirus

Staying Centered Amidst Coronavirus Notes, by Puran Bair, co-founder of iamHeart.org If you already know about COVID-19 and you want a meditation that will definitely help you, you can just skip to the end of this message. The Good News Let’s remind ourselves that the body has co-existed with viri for millions of years. We’ve

Wave Structures, PEMFs, and the Human Heart

“Let’s raise our energy to a higher vibration!” This lecture by iamHeart cofounder Puran Bair will give a whole new meaning to this oft-heard, new-age catch-phrase.

The Three Stages of Love: Separate, Connected, United

Building loving relationships, especially romantic relationships, is a progressive process – and follows a path similar to the three stages of individual human development (Mind to Heart to Spirit).

Seeking the Truth

We seek the truth about what ‘s happening in the world, we seek the truth about each other, looking deeply into the people that raised us, the friends we developed, the business people that we work with, the children we give birth to, the friends we make along the way Then we seek for the truth about ourselves.

The Axis

Somewhere in the world there sits a man or woman in meditation. He appears to be alone, in seclusion, but that is not her experience. Her role is a unique one and his responsibility is enormous. He has perfected the method of the heart to an unbelievable level whereby she feels the whole planet as

Racism: a pandemic

Racism is a pandemic of the mind. The pandemics we face amplify one another. We are witnessing the boil at the surface of a pot that has been heating for a long time. White privilege combines with male privilege in a toxic, contagious disease that produces false superiority that can lead to aggressive violence. Though

The Role of the Heart

As the ancient teachers see it, the heart is the fruit or the flower of the plant of which the soul is the seed. The heart is the whole object of creation. The beauty of the flower or the fruit is the proof of the beauty that was only a potential in the seed.

The 12 Archetypes of the Heart

Though you are a unique person, you’re also an example of your archetype. There are twelve archetypes from an energy point-of-view, and each has its own purpose in life AND the inner resources needed to fulfill that purpose.

The 4 Energy Types of Human Beings

What are the four fundamental types of energies? How do these four energy types evolve into human behavior? Is the dark energy of physicists related to the subtle energy of the mystics?

Weight Loss, the 4 Elements, and the Heart

We think losing weight is really hard. Everyone knows how to do it — you either eat less or exercise more — so it’s not a lack of technique.

There is something that keeps us at our weight. We have to understand that reason before we can hope to change it.

Your Soul is the Seed

As we see it, the soul is the seed of individuality.

Each soul is a unique individuality, an unduplicated combination of the resources and qualities of the universe. The soul defines an individual, so it holds that essential formula that describes how one person is fundamentally different from all others.

Meditation On The Mother

In meditation we have a wonderful opportunity to honor and connect with our mothers, the Mother Archetype, Mother Earth— whatever mother figure you choose. Sometimes this kind of honoring is only possible through meditation if your relationship with your living mother is complicated, or if she is no longer living. Perhaps meditating on the Ideal Mother is healing for you, or maybe you are learning to be a mother yourself.

Meditation For Stress

Your body has evolved the ability to respond quickly and efficiently to perceived threats. In our modern lifestyle, actual physical threats are rare, but mental and emotional challenges assault us at every turn, resulting in stress. When we can handle the stress, it acts as a growth stimulant, prompting us to change, to develop new strengths and coping mechanisms

In Tune with the Infinite

As energetic beings, we are, each one of us, both infinite and finite. The Infinite has focused itself into the finite to become an individual.  Each individual retains some consciousness of the Infinite which is its source.

Start Your Meditation with an Intention: 36 Ideas

When you sit down to meditate, what you experience depends partly on your intention. The same action done with a different intention will produce different results. What kind of intention might you have for a meditation session?

Accomplishing Your Intention with Meditation

After having formed an intention, which is a challenge in itself, your challenge switches to accomplishment. Choosing an intention had certain rules, and accomplishment has different rules.

How Daily Life is Changed by Years of Meditation

The mind-blowing, transformative, sometimes scary, surprises that I used to have in meditation have become standard, reliable features of the inner landscape. That is, the ceilings of the past have become the floors of the present.

What Is the Best Time to Meditate?

In the tradition we represent, which is not fixed on any one religion but has a long and rich lineage, the best time to meditate is 3:00 to 4:00 AM, SOLAR TIME. We don’t go by the wall clock, which is influenced by artificial time zones, we go by the sun.

The Art and Science of Breath

Your meditation will follow the way you breathe. Breath is the spirit behind life. Do you want more life or less life? Breathing is an art and a science. By controlling your breath, you can control your metabolic rate, hormone levels, intelligence, circulation, heart rhythm, and more.

36 Benefits of Meditation

The benefits of meditation come at three levels, which require increasing levels of skill.

The Emotion of Enlightenment

Enlightenment can be a very emotional experience. Enlightenment comes in waves, first mind-blowing and perhaps scary. Then it happens again; it’s not scary now, it’s welcomed with deep gratefulness. This time is emotional — it’s really happening!

Steps of Enlightenment

Steps of Enlightenment In our tradition, we define enlightenment as the experience of infinity, eternity and perfection, as self. Eternity in every moment, infinity in every spot, perfection in every heart. When this breaks through into our conscious awareness, it is overwhelming. Anyone who says there is no specific event that indicates enlightenment has occurred, has

Meditation and Adderall

I probably don’t have to tell you that Adderall is an amphetamine – though it’s marketed to slow down your mind, it is actually a powerful stimulant. The manufacturer says it “can cause rapid or irregular heartbeat, delirium, panic, psychosis, and heart failure.” This is not what you want to sit on when you meditate.

Hallucinations vs. Visions in Meditation

Hallucinations and visions are different in their origin and purpose. Hallucinations come from brain starvation, mostly, and visions come from the deep mind, the part of self that is all selves, what we call the “heart.” What Is Heart?

Sleepiness During Meditation

I get so much energy from meditation on my heart that I could not possibly fall asleep. Not while I’m meditating at least. I could fall asleep afterwards, or, I could engage in some lovely work, like answering meditation questions.

How to Make Meditation a Habit

One of my students admitted that he wasn’t meditating regularly. I asked him why. He said he was too tired in the morning and had no time before rushing off to work. I asked him why he was so tired. He said he had trouble sleeping and was often laying awake at night. I asked him what was he thinking about at night.

He blushed and said that he was thinking about a woman he met and wondering how he could find the courage to approach her. I told him there’s a meditation for that. Then he meditated everyday.

Coping with Pain Through Disassociation?

A dissociative state is not the solution to pain. You can do it — just detach from the individual part of your being where the pain is abiding. But there is another way.

Technology and Spiritual Education

In the old days, if you wanted to explore the inner, infinite world, you would go live with a teacher. It was intimate and personal.

That still happens — there are people who have moved here to Tucson to study in our school — but most of our students are scattered around the USA, with some in Europe and the Far East. We were one of the earliest online schools of meditation. Because I knew how to program, we had an online webcourse in 1999. (We’ve been teaching meditation since 1971.)

Can Psychic Experiences Be Explained with Physics?

Psychic experiences are those that can’t be accounted for in the usual consciousness of individual, separated, distinct beings.

By our regular senses, people appear to be completely distinct from one another, like billiard balls rolling around on a pool table. That’s just the way it looks, but we have other senses that reveal everything is actually interconnected in a web of continuous being.

Listen: How to Recognize Divine Guidance

Are you missing golden opportunities?

Divine guidance is consistently with us, but we don’t always see it. The result is missed opportunities.

4 Guidelines for Setting Your Intention

According to a university study, 8% of people accomplish their New Year’s resolutions.

This is because having the intention to change is not enough to cause change. How wonderful it would be if we could simply choose to be different!

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