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Breath & Heart App

The Breath & Heart App is the best first step to learn Heart Rhythm Meditation, the ancient art of synchronizing the breath and heartbeat to enter a deep meditative state.

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Heart Rhythm Meditation is an accumulation of ancient meditative techniques, including breathing practices, heart rate regulation, sound practices, all of which focus around both the physical and metaphorical heart. Throughout most of the pre-modern era, the heart was held as a sacred organ, the seat of the soul and where the character of a person was held. There were many spiritual practices that arose around this belief and iamHeart has looked at many of them and attempted to preserve some and update others for our modern worldview and problems. The Breath & Heart app’s presentation of these techniques is a melding of ancient wisdom and modern science.

Two rhythms in your body can be made conscious and unconscious, the breath and the heartbeat.

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Your Heartbeat in Your Hands

The Breath & Heart App give you the tools to breathe along with your heartbeat! Synchronization of the breath and heart is the fundamental practice of Heart Rhythm Meditation but many of us find it difficult to find our own heart beat. This tool can help you create a synchronization of the two most fundamental rhythms in your body.

Meditation Journeys

Journeys Inward

Journeys are a series of meditations and talks on a single topic. Go deep into some of the ancient teachings, given contemporary context by a group of amazing teachers that iamHeart has brought together over the years. These include advanced, and beginner meditation practices, as well as Exercises for Life, and esoteric and philosophical talks.