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Become confident in the ancient practice of connecting your breath with your heartbeat while connecting with a community of inspiring meditators.

A study featuring the physical and emotional benefits of HRM was recently featured in a major peer-reviewed journal! 

The free Breath & Heart App provides tools & guided meditations to support your practice. 

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Heart Rhythm Meditation is the ancient practice of entraining the breath and heartbeat to reach a deep meditative state. Watch the video below on Living from the Heart, Or click above to read more about the method we’ve devoted our lives to spreading!

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OUR vision

By teaching Heart Rhythm Meditation, we hope to bring individuals, families, and communities closer to a “Culture of the Heart,” where people are loving, courageous, open-hearted, and kind, and find great joy, purpose, and fulfillment in life.

Our vision at IAMHeart is to create a world where every person has the tools and support they need to cultivate inner peace, joy, wisdom, and success.

We envision a future where HRM is widely practiced as a transformative and essential tool for individual and collective well-being. 

We strive to be a source of inspiration, empowerment, and community for all those who seek to awaken their highest potential and contribute to a more peaceful and harmonious world.


iamHeart is a 501(c)3 nonprofit devoted to uplifting humanity through sharing the practice of Heart Rhythm Meditation. We accept tax deductible donations.


Deepen and personalize your meditation practice by connecting with a Mentor.

Our mentoring program pairs you with an experienced meditator to help you establish a reliable practice, find the right technique for your purpose, and apply your practice to what's most important in your life.r.

OUR Gift to you

Get started learning Heart Rhythm Meditation with a free set of four instructional videos hosted and guided by iamHeart co-founder Susanna Bair. 


What others say about their experience with iamHeart


You have questions? We have answers.

Yes! iamHeart offers something for everyone. HRM is an embodied meditation method making it very accessible to beginners, and more experienced meditators find it to be a beautiful complement to their existing practices. You can experience HRM through the meditation app, self-paced classes, and in-person local classes. For those who wish to dive deeper, group or private meditation retreats and iamU (our intensive training program) offer advanced meditation experience.

You can gain the skills of an effective Heart Rhythm Meditator over the course of weeks or months with the support of our mobile App, online or in-person classes, books, recordings, or one-on-one experiences with our mentors and retreat guides, but as with most endeavors we humans usually need time to develop and sustain new habits. A daily meditation practice can begin with as little as 3 minutes at the beginning or end of the day. As your heart warmly welcomes this new attention, you may feel yourself drawn to longer practice sessions. As with physical exercise, consistent practice offers great benefits. Like the dancer who yearns to move to the music, the athlete who longs for the game, or the foodie with appetite for deliciousness, our awakened hearts call us back to meditation. Every moment spent breathing with awareness of our hearts is like money in the bank, an investment with continuous returns.

As long as you have a heart and can breathe, you can learn Heart Rhythm Meditation! Our students hail from a wide variety of backgrounds, ages, geographic locations, and identities. We include members of diverse faith traditions as well as those with non-religious affiliations. Educators, healthcare professionals, students, artists, business people, homemakers, engineers, and seekers of all walks of life enjoy the clarity, peace, power and inspiration gained by breathing in rhythm with their hearts. All are welcome.

We respect the physical body, the mind and emotions as part of the complete self. We value the ego as necessary to accomplish one's unique purpose in life. HRM operates the electromagnetic energy field of the  heart, which powers and regulates the self and alone is capable of real transformation.  Consciousness rides on energy; breath can change the direction and intensity of energy.

“Heart is itself its own medicine;

heart all its own wounds heals.”

         ~Hazrat Inayat Khan

The heart is our most powerful resource, with an electromagnet field even larger than the brain. In the physical realm the heart is the master controller of the body, providing rhythm and circulation, two fundamental requirements for health and vitality. In the emotional realm, the heart is the depth of one's being, a reservoir of emotional energy that when open and healed, is the source of courage, creativity, compassion, and peace. In the spiritual realm, the heart is the focus of the soul, the divine light within. In Heart Rhythm Meditation we work with all three realms of the heart at once creating a harmony of mind, body and spirit that impacts our health, well being and accomplishment in any area of life we choose to apply it.

Heart Rhythm Meditation was developed by Puran and Susanna Bair in response to a charge from their teacher, Pir Vilayat Khan, to create a method of meditation that integrated the ancient teachings of his father’s Sufi lineage with insights gleaned from modern science; a method that would truly help practitioners to resolve their challenges and gain a greater sense of purpose and harmony in their lives. Puran and Susanna have devoted their lives to interpreting the mystical teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan, researching the most current information on the widespread benefits of rhythmic, heart-centered breathing practices, and drawing from their wealth of extensive meditation experience and expertise, to create a method of fully-embodied, heart-centered meditation that is both practical and profound.

Whereas most meditations offer a temporary relief from the stresses of life, Heart Rhythm Meditation offers a rehearsal for life, the way you’d like to live it. At iamHeart we believe the challenges we face in life can be great catalysts to our growth and development.  Our practices offer the tools to help you navigate those challenges.  Heart Rhythm Meditation can help with challenges to one’s health, relationships, accomplishments, self-identity, and spiritual transformation. There is no limit to the application of Heart Rhythm Meditation in one’s life.

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