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Connecting with Heart

Certification in Heart Rhythm Meditation

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Includes four courses (October through July):


Ongoing Support in the as a Heart Rhythm Meditation leader.

$264/mo for 11 months or $2,900

What is the "Connecting with Heart" Meditation Certification Program?

In the Connecting With Heart program, you’ll learn to connect with your heart, with the hearts of others, and how to create a deep, ongoing connection for your students, family, or one-on-one, whether in a professional or personal setting. The course offers tools to develop or strengthen relationships with family, friends, and your community. As you work through the course material, you’ll develop new tools for your emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being and learn how to share these tools with others. Connecting With Heart offers certification in Heart Rhythm Meditation. We teach you the Heart Rhythm Meditation method and how to create an environment that cultivates vulnerability and connection between yourself and the people you teach. Teaching ( or ‘Sharing what you are learning about’) Heart Rhythm Meditation accelerates your own learning and personal growth.

Connecting With Heart offers certification in Heart Rhythm Meditation. We teach you the Heart Rhythm Meditation method and how to create an environment that cultivates vulnerability and connection between yourself and the people you teach.  Sharing what you are learning about Heart Rhythm Meditation accelerates your learning and personal growth. 

This program is the first program that iamHeart has offered that expressly focuses on teaching, including communicating the principles, creating a warm and welcoming group experience, and creating guided meditations that bring peace and joy. You will learn how to overcome the challenges that you faces as a beginning meditator, as well as help others overcome those challenges as well.

Who is "Connecting with Heart" For?

  • People who enjoy guided meditations and wonder, “Could I do that for others?
  • People who coach individuals and want to incorporate meditation into their business
  • People who work with groups, and want to incorporate meditation into their work with groups
  • People who have never meditated consistiently
  • People who already meditate consistiently but want to learn how to share the gift of meditation with others
  • People who are considering exploring the mysticism of the iamU program in the future, but don’t feel ready.
  • People who are interested in exploring the mysticism of iamU, and want to fulfill their prerequisite.


Course 1:  Connecting with Body, Heart and Breath  10 weeks

The first course is a welcome to the Certification Program and an introduction to meditation as a whole. Before breathwork, we are introduced to posture, connecting to our senses and sensation, and becoming aware of our breath.

This course will introduce you to ancient practices that people have used for millennia. As you learn the concepts, you will practice teaching them to each other. These practice opportunities will powerfully develop your ability to teach and to meditate, enriching your comprehension and depth of meditative experience.

We will finish this course with an introduction to the concept of Heart Rate Variability, an indicator of how your breath affects your heartbeat and your entire emotional and physical state.

Course 2: Heart-Centered Breathwork – 9 weeks

Instruction and partner practicum on four practices & concepts: Six Basic Powers in Meditation,  Rhythmic Breath, Full Breath, and Swinging Breath.

Course 3:  The Power of the Heart – 9 weeks

Instruction and partner practicum on four practices: Touching the Heart, Radiant Heart, Heart Networks, and Passive Breath.

Course 4:  Practicum 8 weeks

Now that you know the ‘what’ of Heart Rhythm Meditation, the Practicum course polishes the ‘how’ as you build the skills of working with meditation students individually or in groups. You will learn the internal skills to handle group energy, giving you confidence in creating your guided meditation groups or maintaining your confidence and presence in 1-on-1 situations. Practicum.

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The total price of the course is $2900.00


Each student is assigned Certified iamHeart mentor, who has taken four years of training to reach that stage.

Heart Rhythm Meditation is an ancient practice of meditation that entrains the breath and heartbeat. It is a safe, authentic and effective set of instructions and practices that allows you to reach a meditative state at will. Using this technique as a foundation, we reliably bring peace to traumatized nervous systems, increasing physical and emotional health, as well as mental clarity and sense of meaning. Click above to learn more. 


Why Certification?

Certification is a powerful way to make your meditation practice even more central to your life, and a way to bring the benefits of meditation to others. The best way to learn anything is to teach it, which the entire course embodies as a core concept. Incorporating Meditation into your profession or social group will open doors to create more meaning in your life. Meditation Certification is more recognized than ever. If you’d like to guide meditations in this method, teach it, incorporate it into your existing care-giving profession or just use for yourself, this program offers a powerful set of meditation tools you won’t find in any other program. 

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