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Our Heart Rhythm Meditation teachers have all completed multi-year, intensive courses with iamHeart, in addition to receiving further specialized training to teach the method of Heart Rhythm Meditation. The teachers come from a variety of professional backgrounds and have expertise in many areas. All of them have found this method to support them in meaningful ways, and they are passionate to share it with others. Our teachers facilitate guided meditations, online courses, group retreats, and local in-person classes. You can connect with our teachers around the world, primarily in North America, Europe, and Taiwan.

Program Elements

iamU is separated into two sections, the applied and the Mystical. The applied section sets the foundations of Heart Rhythm Meditation, and gives you the tools to teach this reliable path inward

“The key to self-transformation is to have a vision of change, and the energy to move toward that change.”

- David Bohm, Physicist

What is iamU?

iamU is a highly supportive, three-part program in the art and science of meditation and its application to the challenges in your life—what we call your pressing needs. You will learn advanced meditation practices that transform you and your world by developing energy and vision to address these needs. You won’t go on this journey alone. A group of like-minded and like-hearted seekers will be unraveling these concepts with you, and trained experts in these practices will be available and responsive to you, every day and every step of the way.