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What is Heart Rhythm Meditation, and why should I learn it?

Hello, my name is Puran Bair.  I’ve been practicing the art and science of meditation for 52 years.  It is rewarding to me to see the appreciation that meditation has gained in that time as its many benefits have been recognized and the practice has moved beyond spiritual schools and into public schools, medical offices

The Man and the Method behind a Surprising Meditation Study

“A scientifically controlled study conducted by German researchers at the University of Kassel has shown that while the chest area of an average person emits only 20 photons of light per second, someone who meditates on their heart center and sends love and light to others emits an amazing 100,000 photons per second. That is

 Healing the Physical Heart

By Pam Hale Trachta Since many of my life’s challenges have manifested in my body, I’ve spent my adult life exploring all the ways healing can take its place in us. I’ve studied and taught shamanic energy healing and other modalities, including years of Heart Rhythm Meditation (HRM.) One opportunity to apply healing technologies has

The Caregiver Journey with HRM

Healthcare professionals face numerous challenges in their demanding roles, leading to increased rates of burnout and decreased well-being. Dr. Logan T Murry explores the experiences of healthcare workers who practice Heart Rhythm Meditation as a self-care activity. The study highlights the positive aspects of HRM, including personal and professional growth. Healthcare workers who practiced HRM

Stronger Relationships Through Kindness and Boundaries

Heart Rhythm Meditation offers a powerful pathway to fostering deeper, more authentic relationships. In this discussion, we will explore 5 ways Heart Rhythm Meditation  can positively impact our connections with others. Developing Emotional Awareness:  Heart Rhythm Meditation begins with focusing our attention on the heart, tuning into its rhythm. This practice cultivates emotional awareness, allowing

The Harm of Meditation

As a dentist, I’m often in the situation of explaining the risks and benefits of proposed treatment. It’s a responsibility that I take very seriously. I often wish that I could offer my dear patients treatments that work 100% of the time with zero risk of harm, and it’s interesting to me that many of

Wounds in Relationships

The New Year is fast approaching, and in many traditions, this is a time of reflection, consideration, and rebirth. We consider our relationship with the ones we love most, the ones who have hurt us most, and with the world and universe. What will I make happen this year? Who will I affect?

A Walking Meditation for Heart Health

Spiritual seekers throughout history have spent a good deal of time walking, and have developed meditative practices which can be done while walking.  This practice is from a method called Heart Rhythm Meditation, and it is described in the book Living from the Heart, by Puran Bair (my father) and Susanna Bair.  Heart Rhythm Meditation

The Role of the Heart

As the ancient teachers see it, the heart is the fruit or the flower of the plant of which the soul is the seed. The heart is the whole object of creation. The beauty of the flower or the fruit is the proof of the beauty that was only a potential in the seed.

The 12 Archetypes of the Heart

Though you are a unique person, you’re also an example of your archetype. There are twelve archetypes from an energy point-of-view, and each has its own purpose in life AND the inner resources needed to fulfill that purpose.

Meditation and the Science of Breath

So here’s the thing. Your mind is not your brain. In fact, your brain is not your brain, or at least it’s only part of it. Tucked under the cortex we think we think with, are all the old brains, the hind-brains, the core structures of living and emoting and paying attention — and breathing.

The 4 Energy Types of Human Beings

What are the four fundamental types of energies? How do these four energy types evolve into human behavior? Is the dark energy of physicists related to the subtle energy of the mystics?

Weight Loss, the 4 Elements, and the Heart

We think losing weight is really hard. Everyone knows how to do it — you either eat less or exercise more — so it’s not a lack of technique.

There is something that keeps us at our weight. We have to understand that reason before we can hope to change it.

Your Soul is the Seed

As we see it, the soul is the seed of individuality.

Each soul is a unique individuality, an unduplicated combination of the resources and qualities of the universe. The soul defines an individual, so it holds that essential formula that describes how one person is fundamentally different from all others.

Optimism with Open Eyes

Optimism is an emotion about the future, quite different from thankfulness, which bows to the past and acknowledges the present. That optimism is a feeling-for-no-reason gives us a clue that this emotion, like courage and love, is to be found in that mysterious region we call the heart.

3 Benefits of Heart Rhythm Meditation

The first benefit you will receive from Heart Rhythm Meditation is a wonderful relaxation.

This relaxation is different from sleep or any other “restful” activity. It comes with a heightened sense of awareness, so you will not be sluggish or drowsy afterward.

New Spiritual Leadership: Applications of Meditation in Real Life

After the completion of iamU, our two-year training in Heart Rhythm Meditation, we offer further courses of study in Mentoring, Heart-Energy Healing, and now the latest program, Spiritual Leadership.

So what is a spiritual leader in this day and age?

Meditation On The Mother

In meditation we have a wonderful opportunity to honor and connect with our mothers, the Mother Archetype, Mother Earth— whatever mother figure you choose. Sometimes this kind of honoring is only possible through meditation if your relationship with your living mother is complicated, or if she is no longer living. Perhaps meditating on the Ideal Mother is healing for you, or maybe you are learning to be a mother yourself.

The Blessing of Mentoring Khabira Ondreah Johnson

Our dear Khabira Ondreah Johnson passed away December 9, 2018 from metastatic breast cancer. As her mentor, I was a spiritual companion for her ride on what she called “the C train”, her code words for dealing with breast cancer through two rounds of medical treatment and beyond

Meditation For Stress

Your body has evolved the ability to respond quickly and efficiently to perceived threats. In our modern lifestyle, actual physical threats are rare, but mental and emotional challenges assault us at every turn, resulting in stress. When we can handle the stress, it acts as a growth stimulant, prompting us to change, to develop new strengths and coping mechanisms

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