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Heart Rhythm Meditation - iamU

​​iamU is a two-year program in the art and science of meditation and its application to every aspect of your life. Approximately 50 percent of the program is conducted online, so you can study from home and still maintain your job and relationships.


The objective of the program is to develop in you the skill and understanding of mysticism that will lead you to the mystical state of "Illumination." You will learn advanced meditation practices that transform your self and your world, and our experiential tests will give you confidence to apply the various energies of Love in your life -- how to heal and transform people and situations by changing the flow of energy within your heart. The reach of your heart can extend to your family, friends, acquaintances, and beyond -- there is no boundary to your heart.

The Basis of the School:

The material is drawn from every tradition that honors the heart, particularly those mystics that have actually experienced the Heart of All and left instructions for us to follow. We especially draw on the teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan, Rumi, Walt Whitman, Shakespeare, St. Francis, the Christian Desert Fathers, and the Egyptian Hierophants. This teaching is interpreted by the living teachers of iamHeart (formerly the Institute for Applied Meditation), Susanna and Puran Bair.

Now accepting applications for the Class of 2021, to start in September 2019

iamHeart has developed Heart Rhythm Meditation as a contribution to the emerging culture of the heart. We have always insisted that meditation, the most powerful of all techniques, be applied in very practical ways, advancing our health, relationships and accomplishments in life.

The two-year program of iamU is a package of iamHeart programs offered as an in-depth training in meditation on the heart. The two-year program comprises:

  • Eight 8-week experiential online courses with a certified teacher, covering all the 100-level courses of the curriculum

  • Two 12-day in-residence workshops in Tucson, AZ

  • 24 sessions of mentoring with a certified mentor

  • Two group retreats of 5 days each, led by Puran and Susanna Bair

  • One 7-day private retreat conducted by a certified retreat guide

A graduate of this training will have understood and practiced all the teachings and skills needed to attain the mystical state of "Illumination" in which one radiates light from the heart and operates in life with the experience that "I am a part of all things and all things are a part of me."

Courses begin in early September each year, and the Class of 2021 will be our 10th graduating class!  Applications are now being accepted.

Lasting Results

The lasting results that our graduates have integrated into their lives are simple but profound:

  • the experience of being seen, known, and adored by a community of life-long friends,

  • the deep conviction that they are not alone and can never be alone,

  • an experience of unconditional love that they can receive and give freely,

  • a remembrance of joy without cause,

  • the discovery of a sense of an individual, unique purpose of their life,

  • dedication to that purpose and a confidence that their lives are making a difference,

  • deep insight into the love, harmony and beauty in the hearts of others, whether expressed or not, and

  • knowledge of how to uncover those heart qualities,

  • reliance on the guidance of their hearts to make the best decision in any situation,

  • and a peacefulness that permeates their atmosphere to bring peace to others.


The Curriculum of iamU

The curriculum is a training in the three interrelated areas of physical, emotional and spiritual development.

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101: Foundations of Heart Rhythm Meditation

102: The Four Elemental Energies

103: Energizing Your Heart in Four Dimensions

104: Healing Your Emotional& Energetic Heart

105: The Seven Energy Centers

106: Accomplishing Your Heart's Desire

107: The Seven Planes of Existence

108: The Culture of the Heart

Two Group Retreats

The 7-Day Private Retreat

Individual Mentoring

Two Residencies

A​pply t​o ​iamU

 iamU is an advanced 2-year training  in heart-centered meditation that accelerates spiritual experience, healing, and transformation. Apply today and become a leader in the holistic spiritual work that is transforming the world.

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