What Is Heart?

In the physical realm, it is the master controller of the body, providing circulation and rhythm, the two fundamental requirements for health and vitality.

In the emotional realm, your heart is the depth of your being, a reservoir of emotional energy that when healed and open, is the source of your courage, creativity, compassion, influence, guidance and peace.

In the spiritual realm, your heart is the focus of your soul, the divine within. We can best find all we seek in the heart of humankind; only by finding this divine source can you know yourself.

We work with all three realms of the heart at once, creating physical and emotional health, connected relationships and purposeful accomplishments, and leading to the ultimate spiritual goal, illumination.

The Heart Has Its Own Intelligence

A human heart contains 40,000 neurons, comprising the "brain of the heart," which calculates and initiates each heartbeat. Thus, the heart continues to beat as it lies on the table during a heart transplant operation.

One's breath directly affects the heart rate through a mechanism called "Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia" (RSA). Heart Rhythm Meditators have found that another, unidentified mechanism has an even stronger effect than RSA such that arrhythmia in the heart rate is eliminated during meditation. This effect becomes persistent with practice, greatly increasing vagal tone.

One's health depends on circulation and rhythm, both of which are supplied by the heart. The body's rhythm comes from the heartbeat, which is felt by every cell through the physical surge of pressure in the pulse, and instantaneously through the heart's magnetic pulse. It is the signal of the heartbeat that coordinates the activities of all organs, including the brain; the heart controls the body by calculating this signal.

The Heart Is a Miniature Sun

The heart radiates visible light as the center of the human aura. Researchers at IAMheart have been able to measure the light emitted by the heart by using a photon counter. When the heart's light was needed for healing purposes, a Heart Rhythm meditator was able to produce 100,000 photons per second, which is 100 times the visible threshold of light.

The color of the heart, when seen from the front or side, is the color of the sun. The Tao tradition uses the same color, but Hindus and Buddhists look at the heart from above, from where they see the top of the heart, which is green.

"Red at the bottom of the spine, golden yellow in the heart chakra, blue in the eyes, violet in the third eye, and a white hue very much like a diamond, with all the different colors of the spectrum, in the crown center. The heart center is really the vital center of the aura; it radiates just like a sun. And by concentrating on it intensely, imagining that your heart center is the sun, you will immediately enhance the radiation of your aura." -- Pir Vilayat

The Heart Is an ELF Transceiver

The human heart is a powerful energetic center that receives and transmits Extremely-Low-Frequency (ELF) energy. The heart-rate-variability (HRV) encodes the heart's emotion, and this variability is a frequency-modulation (FM) signal that is transmitted by the heart into the surrounding space.

Thus, each heart literally broadcasts its emotional state through magnetic waves, to be received intuitively by all other hearts, especially those hearts nearby.

The heart produces a variety of types and frequencies of energy that propagate through the circulatory system to every cell in the body. -- James Oschman, PhD

The Heart Is the Home of the Self

Every heart is a conjunction of an individual heart and the heart of humanity. What is felt in the heart of humanity is reflected in one's own individual heart, and one's own feelings are experienced by the heart of humanity. This picture of the "Hourglass Nebula" from NASA illustrates how the heart of All is accessed through the deepest part of each individual heart.

The divine Light at the Source of Being is focused through the inner dimension of the heart to collect in the center of the heart as a radiant light. Thus, all that constitutes the Self appears in the heart, and one can know the Self completely by exploring one's heart.

"The spirituality of our time is the awakening of the consciousness of humanity to the divinity in the heart of every person." -- Hazrat Inayat Khan