Follow Your Heart Meditations

By Susanna Bair

Companion CD Set to Follow Your Heart: The Map to Illumination
Learn the steps that lead you to living a spiritually fulfilled life
Disc 1 describes the Map, giving a series of stories that describe each step

Disc 2 gives you three kinds of meditative practices: breathing practices, sound practices, and practices of unity.

​Energizing H​eart R​hythm Meditation

By Susanna Bair

Energizing Heart Rhythm Meditations, Audio CD, by Susanna Bair

Discover the inexhaustible power within, harnessing the power of your heart's passion to confront what

you need to face, stop self-defeating actions, and accomplish the wish of your heart.

S​ounds of the Heart

By Susanna Bair

Sounds of the Heart teaches you how to make 11 amazing sounds that are designed to energize all four dimensions of your heart. These incredible sounds are clearly explained and demonstrated by Susanna Bair, a true master of using sound to create meditative states.

4 CD B​undle

By Susanna and Puran Bair

This Package includes 4 CDs: Occupy Your Heart Sounds of the Heart "Follow Your Heart" - Meditations Intro to Heart Rhythm Meditation

O​ccupy Your Heart Meditation

By Susanna Bair

Occupy Your Heart and be the change the world needs.

O​pen Create and Become: Sacred Sounds

By Puran Bair

Instruction and use of three sounds of the voice that stimulate the heart center. Play this on your way to work or for an exquisite meditation.
47 minutes.

M​editation on the Father

By Asatar Bair

This meditation recording contains four exercises for healing and transforming your relationship with your father, bringing healing, acceptance, forgiveness, and a sense of celebration of your relationship, with all its richness of experience, joy as well as pain.

R​estoring Relationships

By Puran and Susanna Bair

This recording describes the first four stages of a relationship from the heart - commitment, testing, harmony and adoration - and the two types of relationships - complementarity and affinity.

T​he F​our Elements of the Heart

By Susanna Bair

We think of the four Elements, Air, Fire, Water and Earth, as the fundamental energies, states and building blocks of reality. These are the forces that operate within your heart to expand it in the four dimensions of growth.

R​estoring H​eart N​ature ​by Water

By Susanna Bair

The Mother of Compassion
Attunement to Our Lady of Guadalupe

​L​ove, Lover and Beloved

By Susanna Bair

Attunement to Jelaluddin Rumi

T​he F​our D​imensions of the Heart

By Susanna Bair

Attunement to Madeleine, Noor-un-Nisa Inayat Khan

C​ompassion and Forgiveness

By Susanna Bair

Attunement to Quan Yin

E​xperiencing Light

By Susanna Bair

Attunement to Jesus Christ

T​oward the One

By Susanna Bair

Attunement to Hazrat Inayat Khan

R​estoring Heart Nature by Earth

By Susanna Bair

The Great Mother Ishtar

R​estoring Heart Nature by Air

By Susanna Bair

Buddha, Being of Insight and Understanding

R​estoring Heart Nature by Fire

By Susanna Bair

Attunement to Hazrat Babajan, The Truth Seeker, a woman

 mystic of 20th century Afghanistan

​Mastery Through 

Heart Rhythm Meditation

By Susanna Bair

Meditation on Mastery, exemplified by Lord Shiva, founder of Yoga. The Sounds of the heart used in the CD are Wali (Mastery) and Fattah (Opening)

T​he H​eart O​f Christianity

By Puran Bair

The Heart of Christianity and the Secret of Christmas
A set of meditations on Mary, Gabriel, and the secret meaning of the Christmas Star. Puran uses the Lord's Prayer in Aramaic as a way of deepening your understanding of the true message of Jesus.

T​he C​osmic Christ in the Heart of Humanity

By Puran Bair

Explore the essence of mystical christianity with a lecture and meditation by Puran Bair; the download includes Puran's slides.

In this series of 21 unique recordings, you will be taken into your heart through meditations and lectures of deep insight and inspiration. These recordings were made during Uncover Your Heart, Transform Your Life: From Breakdown To Breakthrough group retreat, New Lebanon, NY, July 27 to August 1, 2012; they are a great way to experience (or re-experience) the essence of the retreat.


By Puran and Susanna Bair

The Occupy Your Heart Package includes:

  • The Occupy Your Heart Meditation CD by Susanna Bair -- an $11.95value
  • The Occupy Your Heart T-Shirt -- a $19.95 value
  • The Introduction to Heart Rhythm Meditation CD by Susanna Bair -- a $13.95 value


By Asatar Bair

Asatar leads Heart Rhythm Meditation applied to self-mastery


By Susanna and Puran Bair

Susanna uses the chakras as an energy system within the heart to regenerate the levels of existence comprising each person.


By Puran and Susanna Bair

The complete set of audio recordings from Heart and Soul: A Retreat in Sedona, Arizona, USA, with Puran and Susanna Bair, November 14-19, 2014. Over 25 hours of recordings including guided meditations, lectures, partner meditation exercises, songs, and discussion.