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Heart Meditation

Heart Rhythm Meditation

Heart Rhythm Meditation (HRM) is a method of breathing that coordinates the body’s respiratory, circulation and nervous systems in a state of coherence that results in an integration of one’s soul, heart, mind and body. HRM is unlike the upward, transcendental meditation methods the public is aware of; it is different in intention, method and physiological and spiritual result. HRM has multiple stages:

Separate — Concentration

The first stage of Heart Rhythm Meditation is to focus on your own physical heart while breathing in time to a set number of heartbeats. This results in a feeling of being centered in your body, in your heart, with a quiet and focused mind, necessary for success, and calm, creating your own atmosphere no matter where you are. This is practiced while sitting with eyes closed, but can be done with eyes open while walking, talking or working.

Whereas most meditations are a relief from the stress of life, HRM is a rehearsal for life, the way you’d like to live it. HRM is especially designed to be practical in everyday life. It actually increases your ability to handle stress and gives you the ability to self-regulate your body and emotions. This can be shown by a Heart Rate Variability (HRV) instrument, which shows precisely the condition of your heart, stressed or not. It has many additional physical benefits.

Connected — Contemplation

The second stage of Heart Rhythm Meditation is to be aware of the measurable, energetic field radiating from your heart with every breath, which intersects and resonates with the energetic field of others. This makes us aware of our connectedness with others, heart-to-heart, which gives us influence and charisma, and also sensitivity to the feelings and condition of others. Feeling energy in our hearts also enables us to accomplish our desires, behave with courage and nobility, and follow our ideals.

HRM will not diminish your ego or turn off your mind. It puts your ego at the service of your heart, which makes the ego stronger while more useful. It is an emotional meditation, yielding joy and tenderness. With an energized heart, life is appreciated as beautiful and harmonious.

Heart Rhythm Meditation has many personal benefits, but those are side-effects. We do HRM primarily because of its effect upon our world. It makes us courageous and creative in handling our problems. Heart Rhythm Meditation gives us both power, and guidance about how best to apply that power. HRM also creates openness and cooperation, compassion and empathic insight, among the many emotional benefits.


United — Meditation

The third stage of Heart Rhythm Meditation is where formal meditation begins. Here is the experience of being the microcosm of the macrocosm, discovering the universe in yourself and yourself in the universe. The Heart of Humanity is beating in your chest, giving you the mystic’s experience, “I am a part of all things and all things are a part of me.”

The objective of this path is to find the divine being in the heart of every human being. The One Being, within Whom we live, is living within our hearts.

​Heart Rhythm Meditation uses a focus on the heart combined with intention. It is less about awareness of thought than other meditation styles and more about focusing your self inward and using intention​ to connect with your inner self. 

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