Foundations for Advanced Meditation

This is an 8-week guided online course in Heart Rhythm Meditation. With the help of live instruction from an experienced teacher and personalized feedback, you will learn the foundational meditation practices for advanced meditation on the heart.

As you learn Heart Rhythm Meditation, it will change your life:

❥ First, it will expand your concept of who you are and broaden the scope of your awareness. You will have done something that you didn't think was possible, which will lead you to challenge other limitations. You can practice this at work, even during a meeting, and everyone will be able to see the effects (without knowing the cause).

❥ Second, it will create a profound state of stillness with alertness, filling you with peace and contentment. This is excellent therapy for the stress of life which is so hard on one's heart. Awareness of your heartbeat will physically strengthen your heart and stabilize its rhythm; the relaxation will open your circulatory system; and the full-breath pattern will create much greater oxygenation of your blood stream. For all these reasons, Heart Rhythm Meditation will give you much of the cardiovascular benefit of exercise without having to leave your house, change clothes or break a sweat.

❥ Third, it will create brilliance in your mind, producing frequent “aha!” flashes and peaks of insight. These are by-products of linking the conscious and unconscious mind. Once the door to your inner consciousness is opened, inspiration will begin to flow both ways. You will then be able to see in your conscious mind images of the creative and intuitive faculty of the unconscious—and they are exciting!

❥ Fourth, feeling the incessant beat of your heart will give you an unstoppable self-confidence, and thinking about your heart will make you heart-centered. You’ll be more open and helpful to others, more insightful and courageous. This will transform your health, relationships, and accomplishments.

Keeping your attention on your heart will increase your magnetic field, producing personal magnetism or charisma. You will learn to project your heartbeat into the space around you, which makes your atmosphere into a presence that harmonizes, heals, and facilitates growth. Success at whatever you choose will come easily, with less stress, when powered by your heartbeat.

By the end of this guided online course, you will have tangible benefits to bring into your life. Learn how to...

  • Increase your energy by making your breath conscious, full, and powerful

  • Develop your concentration by listening and focusing on your heartbeat

  • Restore your optimism by enlivening your heart to manifest its greatest wish

  • Make decisions with confidence by understanding the signals of your heart

  • Function productively under stress using rhythmic breathing to overcome chaos

  • Become more intuitive by opening new pathways within your nervous system

  • Stabilize your heartbeat with focused attention on your heart and breathing

  • Develop deep and meaningful relationships by strengthening the connection between your heart and the heart of others

This is the right class for you if you aim for a lasting benefit you can keep forever and pass on to the people you care about most.

Webcourse 101:
Foundations for Advanced Meditation on the Heart

Online, September 19th - November 14th, 2018 
Led by Michele Stackley
$350 ($250 until 08-13-2018)

"I feel that Heart Rhythm Meditation has saved my life, prevented a heart attack and stroke, as I am diabetic with high blood pressure and 57 years old. After each Heart Rhythm session I feel calmer and rejuvenated. It has always worked and I am very grateful for its impact in my life. I know that it has helped me with stress at work, and it has saved my relationships with my students and girlfriend many times beyond measure. It has provided me with a new lease on life, a more complete and fulfilled perspective on what life and living is all about, and a greater ability to be more productive and functional in my average daily life."
- Jim Cumming, MS, MA, Teacher, US Army (Ret.)

What You Will Learn

Heart Rhythm Meditation coordinates your body's internal rhythms, producing entrainment of the heartbeat, breath, and brainwaves.

In the Foundations for Advanced Meditation Webcourse, you will learn:

  • Eight Distinct, step-by-step, meditation techniques.
  • How to find and listen to your heartbeat, anytime and anywhere, connecting with your heart and creating a sense of well being that is immediate and exhilarating.
  • How to create a rhythmic heart rate for improved heart health, deep relaxation and a sense of whole peace.
  • How to harmonize your heartbeat, body pulse, breath and brain waves to trigger a radiant emotional state that enables a heart-centered life.
  • How scientific research helps us tune our meditations.


"I've used Heart Rhythm Meditation to lower my blood pressure to the point of reducing the medication I take for it, stave off migraine headaches, and to quiet heart arrhythmia when I'm stressed or overtired. I've healed many childhood wounds, and restored optimism to my life. I feel a deep sense of peace, harmony and gratitude now that I've been able to find my life's work, and a deeper connection to my faith than I've ever had at any time of my life." 
- Ronnie Howell, Interfaith Minister

How It Works

This is an 8-week online course in meditation taught by a certified teacher who has completed a rigorous training in Heart Rhythm Meditation and a specialized training in leading a webcourse.

Each week you are given one practice with written text to describe the practice, step-by-step, and the science and philosophy behind it.

The online learning environment is a virtual classroom where the materials are presented, assignments are given, and written conversations are posted between the teacher and all the participants. Like in a physical classroom, all these conversations are shared among the class. In the virtual classroom, the conversations are written and can be read by everyone within the course.

Every Saturday, there is a live video conference with your course teacher. Each video conference is 60 to 90 minutes and gives you time to ask questions, interact with your fellow students and be led in the meditation that you have been taught that week. The entire video conference session is recorded to fit your schedule and for later playback.


"Soon after being introduced to Heart Rhythm Meditation and applying the meditation practices, my blood pressure began coming down, I became more accepting of myself and I literally found my heart! Heart Rhythm Meditation opened my heart letting 50 years of emotion flow making my life more alive and real! I have a much clearer picture of who I am, what makes me tick, and live more from an open and accepting heart." 
- Porter Underwood, Petroleum Engineer

About iamHeart Webcourses

It's easy to learn this heart-based meditation technique from your home. But you don't do it alone -- you will be supported in the process by those who are studying and practicing with you. A community of meditators results from the shared practice and daily communications that help keep you in the practice. You can feel the group meditation with you!

The practices given within the Webcourse are arranged as this series of eight rooms in the virtual classroom called the Meditation Dome. Each room has the assigned practice, learning objectives, specific instructions and materials for that practice and a new message log for writing and responding to each other. This material is also presented as a PDF file that you can print out at any time.

You practice the assigned meditations daily and post messages about your experience each week. You can report on the meditation and its application, ask questions, and dialog with the group. Your teacher will post advice and responses to each message that you write. You'll benefit from the answers to your questions and to those of the others as well.

Webcourse 101:
Foundations for Advanced Meditation on the Heart

Online, September 19th - November 14th, 2018
Led by Michele Stackley
$350 ($250 until 08-13-2018)

Webcourse Refund Policy: If you cancel your enrollment in a webcourse 8 days or more prior to the course start date, you will receive a refund of your full payment minus a $25 administrative fee. If you cancel your enrollment 1-7 days prior to the webcourse start date, no refund will be given; however, you may apply your payment to another webcourse offered by iamHeart for up to one year. No refunds or substitutions will be given to students wishing to cancel their enrollment after the webcourse has begun. If iamHeart cancels a webcourse for any reason, you will receive a full refund. We understand that issues arise, and we appreciate your thoughtful advance notice of any webcourse cancellation.