Applying Heart Rhythm Meditation to Your Life

Choosing and Attaining Your Goal

What do you wish to accomplish that you haven't done? What do you wish to be that you haven't become? The desires of your heart should not be ignored; they are your best guide to the purpose of your life.

The first part of success is choosing a specific, achievable, challenging goal. Your heart knows what this is. Then the power of your heart can be harnessed to that achievement. The practices and principles of attracting your desire, generating success and building lasting accomplishments are in Course 106 - The Heart of Accomplishment.

Energy-Centered Management

People are energetic beings, and there are different kinds of energies. Know your own energetic type, feel the energetic type of your customer, and you'll know how to match yourself energetically -- for improved teamwork, leadership and sales. You'll also know how to instantly shed stress or energize yourself.

IAM's programs for management are: Energy-Centered Sales Training, Energy Management Training, Team Building, and Energy-Centered Leadership Training. For details on these programs see Energy-Centered Organizations.

Reducing Violent Crime

In 2009, two meditators in Tucson, Arizona were able to reduce violent crime in Cleveland, Ohio, a city 2000 miles away, by using Heart Rhythm Meditation. Over a three-month period, the meditators focused on Cleveland on three random days per week. Statistics were calculated using online data from the Cleveland police department, comparing violent crimes committed on days of meditation compared with the other days in the same time period.

For the 6 hours after meditation, violent crime dropped 34%, and for the 24 hours after meditation, violent crime dropped 19%. For details, see The Cleveland Experiment.