IAM Recommended Books

Here is a summary of the most

important aspects of the teachings 

of Hazrat Inayat Khan, the source for

the programs offered by IAM.

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The heart of all religions

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Applying the teachings of Hazrat

Inayat Khan to the global challenge

of fair and efficient economies, by the 

former Managing director of the International

Monetary Fund and Sufi master, Dr. H.J. Witteveen.

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Hazrat Inayat Khan presents detailed, inspired

 and thoughtful methods that anyone can use

in accomplishing their goals in life. Along with

 excellent advice on how to achieve one's ends

, criteria to use in the selection of worthy goals

 are also given. These seemingly simple ideas

 when implemented in daily life will have a profoundly

beneficial effect upon the reader's spiritual and

material well being. Concentration, insight, hope

and wisdom are all addressed by the author.

 He describes how one can go about learning

 to concentrate, achieving peace and happiness

 while at the same time leading a more fulfilling life.

Reviewer: IAM teacher John Happel from Thornton, CO USA

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Every musician needs this book.

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The story of the heroine, Noor-un-Nisa Inayat Khan,

 known as Madeleine in the French resistance,

the last active radio operator in France, who was

captured by the Nazis and executed at Dachau.

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A new book about the life of Noor-un-Nisa

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You Are Oprah, Igniting the Fires of

Greatness", by Howard Glasser, creator

of the Nurtured Heart Approach, and Melissa

Lynn Block. Forward by Puran and Susanna Bair.