Career Paths

You can use your iamU education to prepare for, or expand, a career in the largest growth industry: personal development. The iamUniversity of the Heart currently offers three graduate training programs, with plans to add two additional programs in the future.

Graduate Program in Mentoring

The iamHeart Mentor helps individual clients use the wisdom of their hearts to guide their development toward illumination and their lives toward their purpose. The Mentor is eligible to be hired by iamHeart to mentor its students, and this certification can also be used in a private therapy practice or in life coaching

Graduate Program in Healing

The iamHeart Healer uses the power of the heart to soothe emotional trauma, regenerate tissue, and restore rhythm and circulation in the bodies of individual clients. Our method of Hurqalya Heart-Source energy healing encompasses three distinct levels of healing: Physical PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields), Emotional-Energetic Flow, and Spiritual Radiance.  

Graduate Program in Spiritual Leadership

The iamHeart Spiritual Leader is prepared to expand the reach of Heart Rhythm Meditation and its teachings and practices, demonstrate the Culture of the Heart in thier personal life – the most effective way to teach – and to influence the society to which they belong in order to increase Love, Harmony and Beauty. This is a training in mastery of the qualities and powers of the heart, including self-regulation, confidence, creativity, courage, fearlessness, nobility, and charisma.