Introduction to Heart Rhythm Meditation

Introduction to Heart Rhythm Meditation, Audio CD, by Susanna Bair

In Introduction to Heart Rhythm Meditation, IAM co-founder Susanna Bair (co-author, with Puran Bair, of Living from the Heart) gives you the tools you need to get started with Heart Rhythm Meditation.

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The heart is a hologram of the individual. Living from the Heart provides the framework for you to integrate the multidimensional energetic power of your heart.
-Dr Norm Sheely, 90 Days to Self-Healing

Introduction to Heart Rhythm Meditation will help you learn:

  • How to create the foundation on which to build your practice, using your posture and environment

  • What is your most fundamental tool for health (and how to use it)

  • How to compassionately overcome the difficulties and challenges that arise as you sit still

  • How to connect to the stillness deep within

  • What are the ever-present tools within you to create inner harmony and rhythm

  • How to ask a question on your breath and find the answer within, using the Swing Breath technique

  • How to us your abdominal muscles to shift from the everyday breath to a full inhalation and full exhalation

  • What it means to have both strength and subtlety with your breathing and the importance of this combination

  • A technique which will strengthen your breathing capacity as well as strengthen your energetic body

  • How to discover your ability to sense your heart beat and pulse

  • What it means to work with your heartbeat and breath to create rhythm

  • How to find inner peace using an advanced breathing technique called the Square Breath

  • How to direct your energy with your breath to help heal yourself or another


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