Divine Union

Divine Union, MP3 Audio Download, by Susanna and Puran Bair

In this series of 30 wonderful recordings (nearly 21 hours), you will be taken into the state of divine union within your heart through meditations and lectures of deep insight and inspiration. These recordings were made during the Divine Union group retreat, Tucson, AZ, Dec 8-13, 2012; listening to these recordings is a great way to experience (or re-experience) the essence of the retreat.

Please note that some of the practices taught during the retreat are advanced. We recommend students prepare by taking courses 101 and 102.

All 30 Recordings:


Recording Description

  • Meditation on the Qualities of the Sun
  • Step-by-step Introduction to Heart Rhythm Meditation
  • Discussion of HRM Experiences
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Night Walk: Preparation
  • Partner Meditation
  • Coming into Harmony with your Childhood
  • Placing a Phrase on Your Heartbeat
  • Being with Power
  • Sounds Introduction Meditation
  • Whistling Interlude
  • The left and right side of the heart
  • The Divine qualities of beauty and the ability to create beauty, with the sounds that cultivate these qualities
  • The divine qualities of mystery and and light
  • When to say "yes", when to say "no" -- a partner exercise
  • Healing by the sun
  • The integration of the self
  • Awakening to masculine and feminine equality
  • From lost to found: a discussion
  • The ultimate revelation of the nature of Divine Being
  • Meditation practice of unity
  • Moving into light and love
  • Intuition and guidance
  • The nature of Divine guidance
  • What is prayer?
  • Expanding into the Infinite
  • The breakthrough of unity consciousness
  • Sacred sounds
  • Questions and answers

Download all 30 Recordings:




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