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Money Sex and Power: A Meditation Perspective

How does spirituality and the Heart relate to the topics of Money, Sex, and Power? Most of us separate these three topics from leading a spiritual life, but spirituality does not need to discard these energies.

Susanna Bair – Divine Feminine Meditation

Susanna Bair leads a meditation on the Divine Feminine using the Four Element Breaths in ascending order. In the Earth Element we experience Healing Energy, Creativity with the Water Element, Courage with Fire, and Clarity through the Air Breath. Susanna helps us to connect with our unique feminine purpose and power through this 30 minute practice.

3 Benefits of Heart Rhythm Meditation

The first benefit you will receive from Heart Rhythm Meditation is a wonderful relaxation.

This relaxation is different from sleep or any other “restful” activity. It comes with a heightened sense of awareness, so you will not be sluggish or drowsy afterward.

New Spiritual Leadership: Applications of Meditation in Real Life

After the completion of iamU, our two-year training in Heart Rhythm Meditation, we offer further courses of study in Mentoring, Heart-Energy Healing, and now the latest program, Spiritual Leadership.

So what is a spiritual leader in this day and age?

4 Experts talk about the Heart

I believe that by rooting in both our physical and metaphysical hearts, humanity can operate from the core of love, compassion, and kindness. And so, for the past three decades, I have dedicated my life to helping our society manifest a heart-centered culture. As I have traveled the world, offering my own vision of heart-centered living, I have had the honor of meeting extraordinary individuals who walk this path with me.

Your Life Is Great! 5 Steps to Celebrating Instead of Complaining

The attitude of celebrating your life is healthy, both physically and emotionally. Not only that, but upbeat people attract other upbeat people, so by changing your attitude, you can set in motion positive reinforcement for a new and improved outlook.

What are the Archetypes?

What are the Archetypes? What is an “archetype,” and why are there 12? What is the difference between your soul archetype and your emerging archetype? How can you discover your most prominent archetype(s)? Click the play button below to listen to a brief audio recording from iamHeart Co-founder Susanna Bair and learn the answers!

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