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Alistair Beattie, MA

Alistair is a senior representative of iamHeart who serves as a mentor, retreat guide, and faculty member of IAM-U. His discovery of Heart Rhythm Meditation had a profound effect on him and allowed him to approach meditation and attunement to the Heart in a more intimate way then he had ever previously imagined.

Alistair made a big change in his career to work independently as a researcher/consultant. He credits his marriage and a new richness in his personal life to the power of Heart Rhythm Meditation.


Robin Carpenter,

Robin is a senior representative of iamHeart who began her journey with Heart Rhythm Meditation in 2002. She is a Class of 2013 graduate of IAM-U who serves as a mentor, retreat guide, and Hurqalya healer.

Robin has been a business owner for 30 years in the health insurance industry. She lives in Bakersfield, CA with her husband Jack. Robin & Jack have two adult children active in their respective careers.


Penny Charles, MS

Penny is a graduate of IAM-U, class of 2012. She serves as a teacher of Heart Rhythm Meditation classes in London and she is a IAM meditation mentor. She works as a midwife lecturer at Kings College University and is also an aromatherapist and practices the Hurqalya Method of healing. Penny lives in London UK with her husband Jean-Luc.


Jean-Luc Charles, MS

Jean Luc is graduate of IAM-U, class of 2012, who serves as a teacher of Heart Rhythm Meditation classes in London and a mentor. He was born in France and is a native french speaker. He is married to Penny Charles who is also an IAM mentor. Jean Luc works in the IT department of a financial broker, who trades on the London Metal Exchange.


Bonnie Colby, PhD

Bonnie has practiced meditation for over 40 years, and finds meditative practices a powerful tool for all aspects of life, particularly for creating positive change. Bonnie focuses on helping people apply the power of breath and heart to address their life challenges, to accomplish their goals and to fulfill their ideals for their own lives and for the world. In addition to teaching local meditation classes, Bonnie is also an active IAM Mentor and a Retreat Guide.

Bonnie has been a university professor since 1983, specializing in water resources, environmental issues and conflict resolution.

Bonnie lives in a rural area near Tucson with her husband Ted. The retreat space in their home includes a large bedroom with separate entry and private bath, a shaded porch and access to nature trails through the surrounding desert.


Cornelia Dilley, M.D.

Graduate of the IAM-U Class of 2012, the Graduate Program in Mentoring, 2015, and the Graduate Program of Hurqalya Healing 2017.

Originally from Germany I have returned after 15 years practicing in the US and work as a medical doctor and psychotherapist in private practice in Bavaria. My focus is on establishing Heart Rhythm Meditation and the Culture of the Heart in Germany.

I met Susanna and Puran in Florida, in 2004. Their ideas spoke to me right then and I have taken retreats and workshops for character building and University Programs for advanced education ever since. The opening of my heart and deep transformation I experienced through the work have inspired me to become a teacher myself. My goal is to bring the enormous benefits of these teachings to Germany.


Kathleen Friend MD, M.D.


John Happel, MS

John is a senior representative of IAMheart and serves as a mentor and faculty member of the IAM University of the Heart.

John's background is in construction, engineering and business. He holds an MS and BS in civil and structural engineering and a BS in environmental science. He started and currently leads, with his wife Dilsha, a design-build construction company.


Kate Lampe, M.C.

I am a graduate of the IAMU university of the heart, a web course instructor for the university and a IAMU mentor.

I am a psychotherapist for 30 years and I have a private practice in Emmaus

I love HRM and eagerly teach it to others.


Kristine Olson,

Kristy is a graduate of the IAM University of the Heart Class of 2012, Mentor Training, Hurqalya Healing program, and Spiritual leadership training. She lives in Arizona with her husband; and they have two adult daughters. She finds it rewarding to have deep relationships with others and help facilitate their growth on the path of the heart.

"This path has everything you need to transform into your true self and live out your life's purpose." -KO


Steve Olson, DDS

Steve is a senior representative of IAMheart and serves as a mentor and web course teacher.

Steve holds degrees in pharmacy and dentisty. He and his partners built a successful dental practice which served patients for over 50 years. Steve enjoys sports, including ,, golf, kayaking, and biking. He and his wife of 42 years have two daughters in their late twenties.
He emphasizes harmonious relationships, seeking to facilitate respect, tolerance, and love.


Charles Palmer, M.D.

Charles is a graduate of IAM-U, Class of 2012, and certified in the Graduate Program in Mentoring, 2015. He is employed by the Hershey Medical Center as Chief of the Division of Newborn Medicine, and has practiced medicine since 1974. I have practiced various forms of meditation since 1970. Charles is interested in the physiological changes that occur during HRM and is currently doing a pilot research study. He has been teaching an Introductory course at the Hershey Medical Center since 2012.


Karen Poulson, MA

Karen is a graduate of IAM Heart and a mentor. She has served as a IAMheart Board Member and as the Director of Communications for IAM Heart. She currently works to bring relief to areas devastated by natural disasters, seeking to bring love, emotional support, and understanding to people along with material support.

When she is not traveling, Karen lives in a renovated post card factory on the near north side of Chicago.


Denise Runyon, L.S.W.

Graduate of IAM-U (class of 2013), Graduate Program in Mentoring (2015).


Leah Shaffer,

IAM-U graduate of the Class of 2013


Elizabeth Smith, MA

Liz serves as a web course teacher and mentor. She is a graduate of IAM Heart and has been studying with Puran and Susanna since 1998.

Liz was a social worker with adolescents in crisis before becoming a public school teacher; she taught middle school children for over thirty years before retiring in May of 2016. Liz has one adult son.


Linda Turner, MFT

Linda is a senior representative of IAMheart and serves as a mentor and faculty member for IAM-U. She has also served as an IAM Heart Board member. She feels like IAM Heart is her spiritual home and she enjoys working with other people who are pursuing their spiritual journey.

Linda has been a marriage and family therapist for 19 years and specializes in post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety.


Shu-Fang Wang, MA

Shu-Fang has been practicing Heart Rhythm Meditation since 2006. She discovered that the power of the heart and its guidance pervade all aspects of her life, and she has been teaching and helping people utilize this tool to obtain healing and growth.

Shu-Fang has an MA in Arts Criticism and was a music producer with her own record label. She has been an Energy Psychology practitioner and trainer since 2004, and she has published books on various subjects, hosted regular workshops, and taught courses in the UK and Asia.
She lives in Taiwan.


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