The 2018 Heart Tour with Susanna & Puran Bair

Powerful Stress Resilience
Through Heart Meditation


Remember when you were growing up and you’d get stressed out about cleaning your room or doing the laundry?

Those things probably aren’t stressful to you now, because you have a maximum capacity for stress – your “stress resilience” – that grows as you get older.

The greater your stress resilience, the more you can handle in your life without feeling stressed.

Using specific tools that iamHeart founders Susanna and Puran Bair will demonstrate at their live workshop, you can continue to increase your stress resiliency so that the stressful things in your life right now are not stressful anymore.

Susanna and Puran will show you specific breathing practices to de-stress throughout your day, heart meditation techniques to improve your cardiovascular function without exercise, and bio-feedback measurements you can use to objectively verify that your stress resilience is growing.

And with more stress resilience, you can confidently move on to exciting new challenges and creative pursuits that will continue your personal and spiritual growth.

Join Susanna & Puran Bair at their Stress Resilience Meditation Workshop and learn how you can:

♥  Boost your energy & personal power over stress
♥  Transform negative stress into fuel for your goals
♥  Get more done without feeling anxious or tired
♥  Recover from stress more rapidly

We cannot remove all stressors from our life, and life would be boring if we could.

What we can do is increase our physical and emotional strength, the strength of the heart, so that we can better handle the stress we have.

Then, without making any changes in our life situation, we are at ease where we used to be tense.

Susanna and Puran will show you how to manage stress not by gritting your teeth to get through, nor by avoiding that which is difficult, but with the nobility of the heart.


The Power of the Heart for Stress Resilience

A first approach to stress management
is to try to shed the stress, as if it were water running off your back, the way you naturally do on a long vacation.

It has been found that the adrenaline level falls off more quickly for meditators than for nonmeditators. Even beginning meditators have an improved ability to recover from stress as a result of the conscious relaxation that occurs in meditation.

Consequently, meditation makes you less likely to take the stress of work home with you – you will unwind more quickly. Meditation will also likely replace the use of alcohol, nicotine, or other depressants.

A second approach that people employ in order to manage stress is to increase their long-term power so that what once was stressful is no longer. This is known as, "stress resilience."

With the heart-based tools that Susanna and Puran will show you, you can further increase your energy level and take more in stride. This is a completely different approach: instead of removing yourself from the stressor, or removing the stress from yourself, you will be able to handle more tension with less physical and emotional reaction.

Your objective is to teach your body a new mode of response that doesn’t rely on adrenaline – by using your heart, the powerhouse of emotional strength. 

At Susanna and Puran Bair's Stress Resilience Meditation Workshop, you will learn:

• The science of the body’s physiological response to stress
• The advantages of these responses in the short-term
• The dangers of these stress responses in the long-term
• How to test yourself against the easily-observed symptoms of stress overload
• Techniques for increasing your emotional capacity to remain loving throughout conflict
• How to calm down quickly in a state of heightened anxiety and overwhelm
• How to sleep soundly and decrease the physical symptoms of stress

Join master meditation teachers Susanna and Puran Bair for this insightful full-day program and see if you can increase the joy in the life you have, without changing your work, where you live, or who you live with.



Proof It Works: Heart Rate Variability

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is a measure of the small differences in time between the beats of your heart. HRV is one of the hottest areas of health and biofeedback research because studies have found that a low HRV measurement may be the single most important leading indicator of heart disease.1

Your HRV pattern is an objective measurement of the state of your emotional-energetic heart. The graph below shows the HRV of a subject who experienced periods of emotional distress, characterized by sharp and irregular peaks, when asked about his finances. The emotional distress causes a spike in the heart rate, which is very stressful for the heart.

When the same person practices Heart Rhythm Meditation, an ideal, smooth pattern emerges, called coherence, which activates the parasympathetic nervous system, lowering blood pressure, stress hormones, respiration rate, and heart rate.2 Now the subject was asked repeatedly about his finances, but with no stress effect! This coherent pattern can persist through the day, giving you a new ability to handle stress.

hrv1 edit

Ponikowski et al., (1997) "Depressed HRV as an independent predictor of death in chronic congestive heart failure secondary to ischemic or idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy." American Journal of Cardiology, 79(12):1645-50

Tsuji et al., (1996) "Impact of reduced HRV on risk for cardiac events. The Framingham Heart Study." Circulation, 94(11):2850-5

2. McCraty, R., B. Barrios-Choplin, et al. (1998). "The impact of a new emotional self-management program on stress, emotions, heart rate variability, DHEA and cortisol." Integrative Physiological and Behavioral Science 33(2): 151-170.


Proof It Works: Red Blood Cells Revitalized


Using a high-resolution microscope attached to a digital video camera and computer, Dr. Alexander Angelov, MD (pictured at right), is able to examine a physiological indication of stress called hemagglutination: the clumping of red blood cells.

Red blood cells normally repel each other because the membrane of each cell has a slight electrical charge of the same polarity. When the cells lose that charge under stress, the red blood cells stick together instead of floating separately.

Under stress, when energy is needed most, the blood goes into the of condition of agglutination, which causes an anemia that actually reduces energy in the body. This is not a "fight or flight" response; it does not provide the energy to flee.

Instead it is an energy strike that attempts to stop one from creating more of their own stress. With Heart Rhythm Meditation, you can endure stress and still operate in a healthy condition – as demonstrated by the laboratory microscope images below:

rbc hrm 1

Proof It Works: The ICE Stress Test

Heart meditators can demonstrate their resiliency to high levels of stress by packing their arm in ice.

The Immersion in Cold-water Evaluation (ICE) is a stress test administered through a standardized protocol where the subject immerses their arm in freezing cold water, while the examiner monitors the pain response.

Normally, the freezing produces intense pain and withdrawn circulation, but there is neither with heart meditation because we melt the ice with an energized heart. 

If you try to “guts” it out, your arm will turn as white as a sheet, indicating a reduction of circulation, but with heart meditation your arm will be fiery red, showing increased circulation instead.

Heart Rhythm Meditation enhances the circulation in the area that is under attack, but the heartbeat increases only slightly, and there is no anger, panic, or fear. There is simply the confidence that the power of your heart to change the environment is greater than the power of the environment to change you.

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Praise for Puran & Susanna's Workshop

"Susanna and Puran provide hope for life experiences, physical health challenges, and emotional states that society often tells us, at best, will be lifelong challenges or, at worst, have no hope. They provide light for both the individual and collective darkness."
   - Julie Birns, NP

"Susanna's magnetism and her ability to capture her audience is a true gift. At times I felt like she was answering and guiding me personally... I even noticed the next morning when I looked in the mirror my face was more relaxed, I seemed to have more light. The gratitude that I have... is beyond words."
   - Irene F. Ortiz, LMT

"It was like a lightbulb came on to say, "Wow, that explains a lot of things in my life, past and present."
   - Lawanda Dogan

"The Sunday morning meditation was sacred and profound -- healing and transformative energy was deeply present, and can still be felt many days after the event."
   - Dana Duclo, Ed. S.




Included: Bonus Advanced Session

On Sunday morning at 9:00 AM, Susanna and Puran will lead you through advanced and powerful sound practices to vibrate your energy centers and lift your emotional state to an entirely new level of energetic experience. These energy centers correspond to natural clusters in your body of nerves, blood vessels, and lympatic vessels, like the Solar Plexus or the Cardiac Plexus.

For many people, this will be highlight of the workshop and it's included with your ticket as a bonus offering.


Additional: Spiritual Guidance Reading 

On Sunday, after the bonus advanced session, Susanna and Puran will make themselves available for spiritual readings to a limited number of event participants. This is a profound and sacred experience to received personalized guidance (sometimes called, "Darshan").

During your reading, Susanna and Puran will attune her focus to you individually. You will be given personalized, heart-centered guidance surrounding your most pressing need.

If there's an important question in your life right now that's creating a stress condition, in any area, this is the time to ask it. Please contact the iamHeart office at 520-299-2170 if you have limited availability on Sunday for scheduling your session.


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